Founded in 2002, Gedcor Group takes pride in exploring and providing support for new and existing ventures, and assisting them in building a framework for success. Investing in ideas and people are the core principles of our services and operations.


Our Portfolio

Founded in 1998, Ashton College delivers an innovative, personalized, and fully comprehensive learning experience to both domestic and international students. Ashton College's standard of excellence is reflected by its outstanding faculty, industry recognized programs and courses, and the success of it graduates. Studying at Ashton College is more than academic instruction, it is an education with purpose.

LIVE Online Learning

Ashton College's innovation in education means that it can bring the classroom to students wherever they are in the world. Ashton College has reinvented traditional online learning by offering a live and interactive virtual classroom through cutting edge technology, while maintaining the same standard of excellence.

In-Class Study

At Ashton College, the focus is on the student and their career. Our small class sizes deliver a personalized education designed to help students excel in their chosen fields. Its campuses are located in Downtown Vancouver and in Abbotsford, BC. Ashton College continues to look for opportunities to expand on a national scale.

Continuing Education

Ashton College recognize the value of lifelong learning for professionals. Continuing education programs and courses are offered in fields such as financial services, bookkeeping, and accounting. Ashton College also develops and offers continuing professional development seminars for regulated occupations in Canada.

Ashton Testing Services is a trusted partner in test delivery with over 10 years of experience in private examination. ATS administers over 400 exams and assessments for various agencies across several fields including healthcare, government, and academic admissions. ATS's partnerships with the world’s most-recognized test development organizations has helped people advance their careers, maximize their potential, and fulfill their professional goals.

Part of the Prometric Network

ATS is partnered with Prometric, a trusted provider of test development and delivery solutions with more than 20 years of experience. As part of the Prometric Network, the ATS Prometric Center was given a silver status when it opened in 2014, and awarded as the “Most Improved Prometric Center” in 2015.

Agency Examinations

ATS accommodates both paper-based and computerized examinations, as well as more interactive formats such as as interviews. ATS delivers a wide array of examinations and assessments for organizations of varying fields, including several highly-regarded exams.


ATS is is a proud member of the British Columbia Higher Education Testing Association (BCHETA). ATS maintains a high standard and ensures test integrity through its experienced invigilators and secured facility.

Licentia is an organization committed to developing high quality educational programs to prepare individuals for licensing and certification examinations required by regulated occupations. 

Licentia undertakes focused research into the specific needs of those who seek to enter occupations that are regulated. Licentia works closely with the relevant legislation, regulations and policies, and draws on the expertise of a wide variety of Subject Matter Experts in order to develop their high quality suite of educational offerings.