Compliance: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the meaning of compliance?

Many people have been led to believe that the term “compliance” simply means following the rules. While rule-following is certainly important, “compliance” is generally used more broadly to describe the process through which a culture of integrity is maintained and an organization is kept in accordance with the applicable standards and legislation for their location.


What are the advantages of being compliant?

The advantages of compliance are widespread, as compliance is a key part of a sustainable business. Having a clean compliance record supports continued business and profitability. Without compliance, an organization simply would not be able to run. A strong compliance program also has the advantage of creating a sense of trust between the organization and the clients they serve, its employees, its investors, and the authorities. It can also be an effective marketing tool (eg. a PTIB-certified institution).


What are the risks of non-compliant behaviour?

Non-compliant behaviour creates considerable risks. Allowing non-compliant behaviour to continue in an organization directly leads to attracting major liability and sets the organization up for potential consequences, including a loss of trust from clients, lawsuits, or being barred from certain government programs. Furthermore, on an individual level, staff members can become subject to sanctions including suspension, termination, or in some jurisdictions, criminal prosecution.


How can I make sure I am complying?

A good way to begin the process of compliance is to familiarize yourself with the legislation and guidelines that are applicable to your organization in your particular location. Local legislative documents, acts and rules can often be found online. As well, it is important to cultivate a culture of compliance in the workplace by creating fair policies and procedures and making them well known to all staff members.


Where do I take my concerns?

Should you have any concerns or questions about compliance or legislation, local government websites often have a helpline where they would be happy to comment or clarify further.

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